The heart of the Swelter House is the sauna. The 8′ by 6′ cedar lined structure is equipped with an electric industrial strength heater with temperature control and a high-temperature governor for safety sake. Along a short and long side of the structure are two levels of slat constructed benches. 18″ deep they are equally successful for sitting as for lying down. Nine people may be easily accommodated. Typically the temperature hovers around 170 degrees and a session lasts approximately 15 to 20 minutes. It’s customary to ladle water onto the fire rocks to increase the humidity. The result is added atmosphere and intensity. Many wear a special banya hat to keep their cool.

Plunge Pool

From the sauna to the plunge pool is the critical moment in attaining the physical and psychological high. The pool is 50″ in diameter and 60″ deep. Jump in and climb out via a stainless steel ladder. The chiller and pumps keep the temperature at a precise 40 degrees although this is adjustable to preference. The pool is fabricated in galvanized steel and insulated with polypropylene for safety. A clean safe way to get high.

Hot Tub

Built for 4 but able to accommodate 8, the tub measures 7′ x 4-1/2′ x 3-1/2′ deep. It’s designed with 2 high pressure pumps to power 26 jets. Precisely located to massage the lower back and upper shoulder area, the hot tub is a relaxation routine unto itself. Set at a comfortable 108 degrees and with an industrial strength pump and heater, the equipment is cleverly housed in an insulated chamber so as not to disturb ones peace with noise and vibration. Great design leads to great experiences.

Powder Room.

High quality and modern, the powder room is equipped with a white porcelain toilet and pedestal sink of similarly timeless design. Generously proportioned and equipped with a window as well as lighting from Urban Electric, the room is bright and cheerful. Measuring 4′ x 5′ the space is plentiful and is perfect as a changing room too. The door is equipped with a lock and beautiful hardware by The NANZ Company.


The walking shower has an oversized head and a thermostatic mixer. It’s from the luxury plumbing collection brought to you by The NANZ Company. It’s customary to shower prior to beginning the Nordic Cycle experience and many enjoy the same at the end of a day in the Swelter House.

Wet Bar

All you one needs to make a drink or prepare a treat. Sink with a NANZ Monoblock bar faucet, an under the counter refrigerator/freezer and cabinets above for glasses and utensils. All housed in a vertically oriented unit which elegantly balances the fireplace at the opposite side of the social lounge.

Fire Place

A focal point adding visual drama to the experience, the fire place burns logs and possess an electronic starter to assist ignition. The fire box measures 4′ across and, accordingly, provides ample room for a sizable fire and keeps the lounge warm and highly atmospheric. Starting and tending to the fire has always been a way the host or Swelterman depicts his generosity and technical acumen.

Social Lounge

A wonderful square room generously proportioned for friends and guests to engage in discourse, the lounge is built for potential. Whether equipped with a table and chairs, benches, or even a day bed, the Lounge can be for drinking, dining, lounging, or even resting. It’s even been used for and exercise space. Yoga, Tai Chi, Peleton, or weight lifting could all be accomplished given the 13′ x 13′ space.