Over a hundred variations combined with a common plan and shared key components make the Swelter House both highly customizable and incredibly efficient. Accordingly, our clients commit to a Swelter House build and are provided with the plan so they can begin the permitting process. Choose from one of our seven models with their respective roof styles and window variations, then select the options you desire from a vast array of wonderful choices. Provided full access to our site, one may custom design their very own Swelter House. Configuring the options; clients get to pick everything from flooring to to interior and exterior materials to lighting and even hardware. What’s more, our software allows one to see the combinations for a thorough review. When they’ve considered all the possible configurations of interest and have come up with their preference, they simply push a button and our team can begin the build. It’s that easy. One can enjoy the anticipation of the Finnish tradition that awaits you while our team of craftsmen create your dream House. And when construction is complete, we deliver the build to your site and our people will assemble The House over the course of several days and walk you through the operation and instruction. We will always be available to answer questions or assist in any way necessary.