Lighting by Urban Electric

Central to the mood and look of each Swelter House model lighting is key. Pendants, flush mounts, and sconces are combined to create the drama and feel of each interior. Urban Electric is the manufacturer of some of the highest quality and most innovative lighting today. It’s clear why they were chosen and our exclusive partner.

Hardware by The NANZ Company

Door and Cabinet hardware is a key component to each of the Swelter House models. Modern or Historic or even Transitional styles may be mixed and traded between different designs and as is the case with lighting may be furnished in a variety of appropriately chosen finishes.


With a host of material choices for cabinets backsplash and stone, the wet bar can take on a variety of appropriate and attractive looks. We give our buyer the ability to fine tune there Swelter House to their liking and this is one of the way it happens.

Roof Pitch

Perhaps the most dramatic differentiator is the roof of each model. 4 to 12 pitch gable roof, Flat Roof, Gambrel Style, of 11 to 12 Pitch Gable type harkening to Saltbox structure shapes.

Roof Materials

Pitched and Gambrel roofs might receive cedar shingles, 5V steel sheathing or standing seem roofing. Flat roof receive a rubber membrane roof.

Exterior Cladding

Cedar Shingles, or Cedar vertical or Cedar Horizontal siding are tried and true solutions. Clapboard is an option as is charred vertical cladding a method attributed to the Japanese culture.

Window Styles

Three Choices: Multi Pane, Plate Glass (no divisions), or modern windows with vertical muntons.

Interior Paneling

Vertical cedar 10″ boards have served well for the majority of models. Cedar veneer ply wood with battens at the seems is an alternate for the 1960 and 1970 models.

Floor Materials

1960 and 1970 models receive an epoxy coated floor. Thermal flagstone is offered for all models in a running bond or mosaic pattern using 2×3 2×2 1×2 or 1×1 size stones. Slate is the flooring of choice for the 2020. and Tile for the 2010. As is the custom, finishes may be swapped between models when possible.