The SH120 packs many of the features of the 2020 Model but is a fraction of the size. With a commercial sauna, a 60 inch combination jetted hot tub, a cold plunge and a social lounge with a wood burning fireplace, it gives the Swelter House experience and can be delivered to your site fully built and ready to go. For our SH120, We realized we had to make the most of our limited footprint. Accordingly, we invented a combination cold plunge, jetted hot tub. With a rapid release drain and the ability to refill using hot or cold water the pool can go from a frigid 40 degrees to a luxurious 104 degrees in a matter of hours. It’s common for the summer months to align with the desire for the cold plunge and the winter time brings interest in the hot tub. Either way with our remote mobil app, one can start the heater or chiller prior to arrival so the tubs are ready to accommodate whatever it is that one desires.

The combination jetted hot tub and cold plunge is integrated beautifully with a starburst teak deck that ties into the deep stadium seating of the spacious social lounge. There’s an integrated step and circular bench allowing participants to sit deep in the heated water up to the neck. Competitors pools too often don’t provide such accommodating proportions. Multi-paned insulated glass windows swing in with hold open mechanisms to provide the indoor-outdoor sensation; the way the Finns have done for years.

The sauna allows for 4 occupants and can be configured for use with either a traditional heater or via an infrared panel heater. Provided with a glass door, the occupants need not feel pent up. Above the Sauna is a loft bed complete with a hand tied Belgian made mattress. A circular fireplace provides heat for the social lounge and visual drama. Stereophonic sound, technology packages, flat screen tv, and even an app to remotely control the house are all options that may be added. One client set up a desk and would work from his house as he engaged in the Nordic Cycle. “A more inspirational and conducive work environment has never existed…I call it my idea machine.”