Twenty-first century luxury with the rusticism that is inextricably linked with the Finnish sauna tradition. Flat roof, horizontal cedar siding and the cleft cut stone floor create the perfect environment to experience the Nordic cycle and engage with friends and family. Thermopane modern windows with vertical muntons work well with the look. Lighting and hardware is indefinable and engages the look and feel of the participants

Three views of the Model 1960 with a lady for scale. Windows, roof pitch and cladding may be switched to achieve one’s desired effect or accomodate any vernacular.

Much of the draw relates to the pools. In the foreground the jetted hot tub is discreetly designed with an adjustable 14 jets and two powerful pumps. It’s deeper than competing tubs and has a integral step and wrap around bench to seat up to six. Designed to reside at 104 degrees, the tub is arguably the most relaxing of the many SWELTER HOUSE components. In the Back ground is the adjustable cold plunge pool. We keep ours at 42 degrees for maximum effect. Utter euphoria is the goal – 2 minutes submerged in 42 degree water is the best route to take.

Nº 2017

The Nº 2017 lever blends the nascent functionalism of the early 20th century with a classical elegance. The handle tapers outwards, ending in a slight dome with a clean edge. The streamlined shank flares out to neatly join the raised center of the rose. Finishes available include polished chrome, burnished brass, polished nickel and pewter as well as a wide range of other plated and patinated finishes.


One of our most popular fixtures, the Vic is a pure box of light. It is simple and versatile, with mirror inlay for added interest. A natural selection both indoors and out.

As shown: black finish with clear glass and modern mirror inlay.

Commercial Sauna

At the core of the SWELTER HOUSE is the sauna. Our’s is particularly powerfule and socially well considered. With an L-shaped seating arrangement the visitors may face one another which is far more convivial than the “staring-at-a-wall” alternative. Equally important is high-low arrangement. As hear rises, the high bench is designed for a more intense experience, while the low allows one to remain amongst their fellows and take a “breather” so to speak.

The proprietary Sauna Heater has been configured to maintain and be adjustable between 150 and 220 degrees and is designed to optimally heat our 400 cubic foot space. By introducing water to the burner element one can increase the humidity and thereby create a more intense experience at any temperature. It’s the basis of the Nordic Cycle and maybe used in any sauna of similar size in a new construction project or any existing sauna. Infra-red heat may be provided in lieu of the traditional electric heater.We can discuss this option further in the components section.


With remarkable scale and handsome details inside and out, the Pendeen features weighty brass hardware and confers flattering up and down light.

As shown: blackened pewter finish with hewn brass lacquered accents.

The Interior features a stone floor with a wonderful wet bar and integral cabinetry by HENRYBUILT. A generous social lounge provide a center for gaming, conversing, eating drinking or simply enjoying the crackling fire and the views made possible with the large modern windows.

Without adornment or needless decoration, the Functional Collection is the most basic set of hardware. Either for back of house staff areas, or for simple interiors where a simple aesthetic is preferred, the Functional Collection is a proper choice. A variety of bath friendly finishes are offered. Contact one of our offices for more information and assistance with specification.

Powder Room and Shower

As is often the custom, many choose to begin the Nordic Cycle with a Shower and is oftentimes the conclusion as well. Ours provides cold or hot water and both the temperature and volume are infinitely adjustable. A linear drain keeps the hallway dry and beyond a bath room allows one to stay the day with no need to return home. With a pedestal sink and complimentary toilet, one may freshen up at any time during their visit. For areas where septic allowances pose a
challenge, our team can provide an incinerating toilet. Always equipped with fittings and accessories by NANZ, this is a beautiful addition to all of our Houses.

The bedroom annex is an option which turns a SWELTER HOUSE into a destination for the long run. The additional room measuring approximately 120 square feet is perfect for a king size bed. It may also be used as an exercise room, kitchen, or even a bunk house. For those seeking even more additional square footage, clients may choose to add a second annex there by increasing the SWELTER HOUSE total square footage to just about 600 square feet. More room for more fun!