A jetted hot tub, cold plunge pool, and commercial sauna are proprietary and integral to each model. These core features facilitate the intense effects of ultra-high to ultra-low temperature changes often referred to as the “Nordic Cycle.” Healthy and restorative, the practice has been associated with increased longevity and an elevated sense of physical and emotional well-being. Complementing the basis of this Finnish routine, The House also includes a wet-bar, walk-in shower, powder room, wood burning fireplace and a generously sized social lounge. The Swelter House serves as a respite from all that overwhelms the senses.

A high degree of personalization is one of Swelter House’s most attractive aspects. While the floor plan and proprietary components are fixed for design efficiency, the models may be configured with various combinations of windows, roof-pitches, flooring, fixture finishes, roofing and siding materials both inside and out. What’s more, the Houses are equipped with lighting choices, wet bar configurations and door and cabinet hardware programs by an elite alliance of boutique manufacturers creating aspirational custom products. Additional options include one and two bedroom models and even a much smaller version with the same proprietary components for increased accessibility.