Not only can we create your personal SWELTER HOUSE, we can also use our modular components in your project. Be it new construction or an existing home, our team can design can design a spa to work with your requirements. Custom sized tubs and pools are discreetly designed and ideal for those who have high expectations for the look and layout of their relaxation area. Traditional dry or infrared saunas are offered as well as fireplaces just like those that work so well in the various SWELTER HOUSES.


Swelter House hot tubs are discreetly designed of the most well-suited materials to provide years of trouble-free enjoyment. 3/4” polyethylene flanged and gusseted with double wall construction and diked for containment, the package is perfect for use in the finest residential or commercial setting. The pumps heaters and rigid and flexible hoses are pre-plumbed so that what is delivered is ready to plug and play as they say. General specs are available here, more detailed information will be provided upon receipt of deposit. These proprietary units are identical to those employed in the Swelter House, but if asked we can configure with modified dimensions to suit any requirement or condition. Stairs and deck are available for above grade installation.


As the counter point to the hot sauna, the plunge pool is a great upgrade to ones wellness routine. 50” in diameter and 42” deep the double walled and insulated, the pool is discreetly designed and fabricated from textured black Polyethylene. The pool is equipped with a integral step at the base and a ladder for ones exit. Diked for containment and as a floor for the calling component and pump, the pool is delivered as An autonomous unit ready to install in any existing structure or new build. Stairs and deck are available for above grade installation.


For our SH120, we realized we had to make the most of our limited footprint. Accordingly, we invented a combination cold plunge, jetted hot tub.With a rapid release drain and the ability to refill using hot or cold water the pool can go from a frigid 40 degrees to a luxurious 104 degrees in a matter of hours. It’s common for the summer months to align with the desire for the cold plunge and the winter time brings interest in the hot tub. Either way with our remote mobile app, one can start the heater or chiller prior to arrival so the tubs are ready to accommodate whatever it is that one desires. Stairs and deck are available for above grade installation.


Oversized and visually dramatic our fire place is designed to make a focal point of the fire. Rather than modern designs which look like an appliance protecting its owners from the scary flames, the Swelter House fire place is open with a large fire box which plenty of room for logs and flames. What’s more, it’s available in a duel sided version too. And for out door use we designed a pedestal so it can be free standing



The proprietary Sauna Heater has been configured to maintain and be adjustable between 180 and 220 degrees and is designed to optimally heat our 400 cubic foot space. By introducing water to the burner element one can increase the humidity and thereby create a more intense experience at any temperature. It’s the basis of the Nordic Cycle and maybe used in any sauna of similar size in a new construction project or any existing sauna.



Swelter House has developed an app which will enable remote access to turn your component on or off prior to your arrival. Readily available for low voltage applications, ours is uniquely equipped through relays and electro-mechanical methods to remotely control significant amperage necessary for heaters and pumps. Dinner out and you decide a Nordic Cycle might end the evening best, Just use your device to turn on the sauna before arrival. Better an evening would be tough to imagine.